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  • Fourteen years of work experience in consulting engineering including seven years of Project Management.

  • Worked on many architectural design projects in different phases of their completion, such as schematic design, design development, contract document, and contract administration.

  • Experience in reviewing and interpreting Municipalities Zoning By-Laws, agreements, regulations, planning principles requirements and other related documentation.

  • Knowledge in understanding and examining provincial building codes and regulations for plans and related documents submitted for building permits.

  • Experience in reading and coordinating drawings, specifications and reports for various disciplines such as structural, mechanical, electrical, landscape, site servicing, surveying and grading.

  • Established and maintained project needs and timelines.

  • Managed and trained architectural team members.

  • Coordinated between different consultants (structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers), architectural team, client and contractors.

  • Arranged and participated in coordination meetings and prepared memos and minutes.


Schematic Design Phase:

  • Prepared conceptual building designs and site plans.

  • Analyzed site and project feasibility studies through examining the Municipality Zoning By-laws, heritage and other related planning regulations.

  • Prepared required documents and assisted clients for Site Plan Approval, Preliminary Project Review and Pre-Application, Building Permit, and Rezoning applications. Attended meetings with the City staff and plan examiners to discuss comments.


Design Development Phase:

  • Reviewed and coordinated drawings/ reports for site servicing, grading, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, landscape, traffic, acoustic, building code, environmental assessment, heritage, etc.


Construction Document Phase:                                                                                                                

  • Designed and produced working drawings and tender packages.                                                            

  • Reviewed and coordinated details and specifications.

  • Prepared and reviewed construction documents and ensured that materials and methods of construction met the standards approved by construction practices and Provincial Building Code requirements prior to submission for Building Permits.


Contract Document Phase:

  • Coordinated and issued site instruction and notice of changes.

  • Reviewed shop drawings.

  • Prepared site review reports and held consultant’s meetings to resolve project construction issues and review the construction scheduling.

  • Provided site inspection to review the compliance of the construction with Provincial Building Codes, construction documents and Zoning Bylaw



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